All appears to change when we change – Henri Frédéric Amiel

心が変われば 態度が変わる
態度が変われば 習慣が変わる
習慣が変われば 人格が変わる
人格が変われば 人生が変わる



NirCmd, a powerful command line utillity for windows

NirCmd is a very powerful command line utility for windows. Let’s look at one example.

Hide the tiltebar of a window, for example, firefox:
nircmd.exe win -style ititle “Firefox” 0x00C00000

And the command to restore the titlebar:
nircmd.exe win +style ititle “Firefox” 0x00C00000

NirCmd can be downloaded here:

Design for high scalability and reliability…… – how eBay Architecture works

If you need to handle huge amounts of transaction in an enterprise business application, maybe you can get some hint from the architecture of eBay. The key word for eBay’s architecture can be no client side transaction, no session state in application tier, minimize dependencies, cache and so on …

The eBay Architecture – Striking a balance between site stability, feature velocity, performance, and cost

eBay’s Architecture Principles with Randy Shoup

Eclipse at eBay, Part 1: Tailoring Eclipse to the eBay architecture

Eclipse at eBay, Part 2: eBay’s plug-ins in action

Adobe Air SDK, now also for iOS and android

If you want to develop application for IPHONE/IPAD and don’t want to buy a mac machine, here comes the solution. Application developed with Flex can be packaged for iOS now.

And also if you hate how slow the Eclipsed based Android development environment is, Air/Flex  can be also a good alternative choice.

If you want to know how powerful Air/Flex is, please look at here: It’s an Air/Flex version QQ client developed by Tecnent, the No.1 Instant Message Service provider.

Air SDK:


Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) VS Critical Path Method (CPM)